An Overview To E-Sports Law In Terms Of Turkey Legal Systems


E-sports industry, the breakthrough in Turkey, especially with the high interest of the younger generation has made. It is inevitable that the science of law which regulates every field of social life is involved in the field that has these new and big potentials and to perform its regulatory function.

On the other hand, today, e-Sports organizations are organized in a way that state control is the least by private organizations, and marketing, concession and sponsorship agreements, ticket and publishing revenues are controlled by the mentioned e-Sport organizers.

In this case, it would be inevitable for e-Sports teams and e-Sports players to become more dangerous in terms of transparency and consistency and to operate on sustainable basis in unequal conditions. As with professional athletes, e-Sports players need to reach an adequate level of legal protection that they deserve, in order to prevent undesirable situations that can be exemplified by many situations. For this purpose, e-Sports is an official sport in the world. Thus, it is aimed that e-Sports players meet with the official haklar Sportsman getiril position, and efforts are made to protect the rights of e-Sports players by bringing a legal framework to the contracts they will make with the teams and the organizers.

About E-Sports Regulations in Turkey

In 2011, Turkey Digital Games Federation was established by Ministry of Youth and Sports. However, in September 2013 this federation was abolished by connecting to the Federation of Developing Sports. Digital Games is currently represented in the care of the Federations of Developing Sports of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at the level of the Presidency.

Organization Rules of Game and Distribution Companies

In order to improve the quality of the games played at the organizations they are licensed, the game production and distribution companies require players, teams and organizations to follow the rules set out by the company. The function of these rules that protects the rights of e-Sports players against teams and organizations is important. Although this method is not a formal punitive system, it is a promising practice for the protection of e-Sports players’ rights.

In this respect, Riot Games comes to the forefront with the protection of e-Sports players against their own teams. Riot Games, League of Legends Championship League Official Rules booklet, e-Sports players will participate in the age of the age, the minimum wages they earn, parents’ parental leave, such as the control itself.

In addition, Riot Games requires a copy of the contracts to be made with the e-Sports player or the summary text to be sent to them. Riot Games, e-Sports player and his team in the disputes between the team, according to these contracts are doing evaluations and imposes a sanction on the wrong side. Thus, the rights of the e-Sports player as defined by the contract are protected to some extent.

Finally, it should be noted that in the e-Sports world, regional federations such as FIFA, global or UEFA have been tried to be established, while organizing or supervising competitions and tournaments, no organization has yet reached this power.


With the increasing popularity, many national and international companies and sports clubs, from broadcasting rights to clubing and sponsorship agreements, in an environment where e-Sports investment budgets are created or increased, it is surprising that states are indifferent to the enormous e-Sport economy. States are moving very slowly on this issue.

In our country, e-Sports legislation has not reached a satisfactory level yet. In Turkey where has the young and dynamic population in the e-sports area in the world and on this opportunity has the potential to sit in the seat of leadership, many issues such as setting forth minimum standards for the agreements to be made with persons, setting a minimum wage, taking necessary measures for their education not to be disrupted or giving the right to suspend military service are required.