Energy, Resources & Infrastructure

LEGE’s Energy, Resources & Infrastructure lawyers have vast experience in the sector. We represent the leading players or counsel to players wishing to penetrate to the sector.

The Energy, Resources & Infrastructure lawyers are a dedicated practice group that harmonizes our vast experience in the maritime industry with a specialized regional energy expertise. We are one of Turkish law firms to provide this unique capability to assist clients in the region on the entire value chain of the Energy, Resources & Infrastructure sector from production to transportation and trading arrangements. Our specialized offering includes advisory, contracting drafting/review and cross-border dispute resolution but more importantly, extends to risk identification – by employing our experience in disputes and knowledge of the market, we strive to be able to identify risks and problems before they became contentious.

  • Establishment of joint ventures
  • Full-range services for domestic and foreign energy PPP projects
  • Tendering for offshore energy projects and providing subsequent services
  • M&A of energy projects at home and abroad and green field investments
  • Financing for energy projects
  • PE financing and public financing for energy companies
  • Management of legal risks of energy companies
  • Dispute resolution involving energy sector
  • Acting as a long-term legal counsel for energy companies and their competent authorities