Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation

LEGE’s contract, drafting lawyers who leverages an agile approach to adapt in a changing landscape advise on complex and significant transactions regarding drafting and negotiation contracts between parties.

Our firm offers assistance with drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts. As your firm, we are looking out for your best interests. In all of our actions, we are seeking solutions that help you accomplish your goals and protect your business. Whether we are creating a new contract, reviewing a contract that you are considering, or negotiating for terms in your favor, we are always working hard for you.

Some of the contract services we offer include helping you:

  • Draft and negotiate contracts between our clients and their and employees, customers, vendors, partners or anyone else with whom they do business.
  • Draft and negotiate contracts between your company and employees, clients, vendors, partners or anyone else with whom you do business.
  • Draft a standard contract to use in situations that arise frequently.
  • Draft “pitfall” lists so you know in the future what terms to be aware of or to include in your contracts.