Antitrust / Unfair Competition Law

LEGE’s competition lawyers leverage their deep knowledge on competition law and the enforcement. With our help, clients gain competitive advantage by successfully navigating the rapidly evolving competition and antitrust/unfair laws around the world to help them build and defend successful businesses.

LEGE’s lawyer delivers an integrated Antitrust / Unfair and Competition practice platform that serves clients’ needs both locally and globally, addressing all dimensions of antitrust risk.

  • Review and revise clients’ commercial agreements and provide related legal advice
  • Providing legal advice on issues that may involve the abuse of market dominance by enterprises
  • Assess whether a transaction requires antitrust reporting, assist clients to formulate mergers and acquisitions strategies and assist clients in their declaration of control of concentrations between undertakings
  • Negotiation of settlements with anti-monopoly law enforcement agencies
  • Developing antitrust compliance programs for enterprises and training for corporate employees
  • Represent clients in civil litigation, administrative litigation and administrative reviews