End-to-end training services in the field of law.

Compliance Training for the Personal Data Protection Law

On processing of personal data notably the right of privacy, intended for protecting fundamental rights and freedoms of individual, Trainings which is simply transferred the information regarding binding procedures and principles and the obligations of natural and legal entity processing personal data are given by our law office.

Start-up and E-Commerce Education

Relevant education is provided by our law firm in which the legal information is conveyed with a simple explanation in accordance with the basic principles of the protection of trademarks, patents, utility models and copyrights within the scope of the intellectual property laws and regulations, the determination of the business model in accordance with the law, company establishment procedures, points and partnership contracts to be taken into consideration in the company’s articles of association, investor negotiations and contract signature processes.

Renewable Energy Law Education

Relevant education is provided in order to raise awareness on Renewable Energy, educations are provided in regard to the legal procedures related to public subsidies, licensing applications and unlicensed production processes and investments in the Turkish Renewable Energy Market. This education is usually organized within the scope of social responsibility in universities.

Labour Law Education

Relevant education is provided in order to prevent the financial sanctions that may be incurred opposed to the company in case of any violation in terms of the legislation and the enforcement of the applicable legislation for the employees of the related companies, in particular the human resources department and managers of the companies, the basic concepts of labor law, sub-employment contracts, the termination of employment contracts and termination of the employment relationship with tort, protection of wages, preparation of minutes and keeping a personal file, overtime and permission applications, prevention of mobbing and employer’s responsibility and basic principles of occupational health and safety simple and clear explanation.

Compliance in new Turkish Commercial Code For Companies Education

Relevant education is provided by our law firm in order for fulfillment of obligations in line with the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and related sub-legislation, distribution of advance and profit share in accordance with the current provisions, new regulations envisaged for the corporate group, restructuring and responsibilities of the board of directors, joint stock company and limited liability the differences between the company and the subject of changing the type of training under the headings of the effective implementation of the provisions.

Corporate Governance Principles and Compliance Education

Relevant education is provided by our law firm in order to ensure the compliance of the companies with the Corporate Governance Principles set forth in the new Turkish Commercial Code, the main principles of corporate governance (transparency, fairness, accountability, accountability), compliance with principles in the formation of board of directors, electronic corporate governance principles, arrangements of the boards and the provision of compliance with the internal law.

In addition, our law firm provides consultancyservices with the aim of ensuring compliance with the related principles in the direction of demand.