Reliable, fast and solution-oriented.

Company Owerview

We, as LEGE LAW, provide legal consultancy and advocacy services based on reliable, fast and solution-oriented service principles in line with the needs of our clients. The essential aim of our Law Firm is to produce legal solutions in accordance with the codes of conduct and at a level of international quality standards by analyzing the needs of every individual or corporation that are consulted with him in a correct and quick manner. Within the scope of our law firm, a stable working model has been established cooperation with our head office in Istanbul as well as national and international reputable law firms in order to reach the most efficient solution. Our team provides effective legal support in Turkish, English and German languages and additionally reaches the quickest solution with the aid of its co-operation offices in Izmir, Bursa and Kocaeli.

Our law firm focuses on solving problems in a quick manner, in stead of conveying the solution of conflicts to our clients through legal procedures and heavy language. In this sense, we work in coordination with legal academicians, financial advisors, tax specialists, financial advisers and engineer consultants to produce solutions beside our attorneys. Our main priorities in solving the disputes of our clients are that companies can outsource effective and reliable services without redundant expenses and efforts.

Solution Oriented